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Our Impact

Creating Positive Change through Social Initiatives

Kalyani is a charitable organization established to work towards various social, environmental, and developmental objectives. The trust aims to make a positive impact on society and the environment by undertaking and managing a wide range of projects and programs.

What we do

Empowering communities through education, healthcare, and skill development, while nurturing and preserving environment and cultural heritage with conservation efforts for a sustainable future.

We Empower

We Empower Environmental Stewards: Fostering conservation, tree plantation, and pollution control to protect nature, combat climate change, and create a sustainable world.

We Nourish

We Nourish Minds and Futures: Supporting educational institutions, scholarships, and skill development to empower individuals with knowledge and brighter opportunities for personal growth.

We Ensure

We Ensure Health for All: Providing accessible healthcare, medical facilities, and health awareness for underprivileged communities’ well-being.

We Promote

We Promote Inclusive Empowerment: Nurturing women, children, adults, and differently-abled individuals through education, healthcare, and skill development, fostering a more equitable and thriving society.

Our Partners

"Aware, Unite, Conserve & Celebrate For Our Culture & Heritage"

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