Virasat Par Garv: Celebrating our Cultural Heritage

The campaign for saving and raising awareness about the cultural heritage of India is an initiative dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural legacy of India. With a history spanning thousands of years, India boasts a diverse and vibrant heritage encompassing art, architecture, traditions, languages, festivals, and much more. However, this cultural heritage faces numerous threats, including neglect, urbanization, globalization, and lack of awareness. This campaign aims to address these challenges and ensure the safeguarding of India’s cultural heritage for future generations. Amrit Kaal is a Vedic astrology term which signifies the perfect time to start a new venture. This is the time when bigger success can be achieved with proper efforts. The moment we embrace our legacy, we would be able to look forward.

We are pleased to present a full proposal for an event cultural program on the theme of “Viraasat par Garv: Celebrating our Cultural Heritage.” This program aims to promote and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of our region, showcasing diverse traditions, art forms, and historical significance. The event will provide a platform for artists, performers, and communities to come together and share their unique cultural contributions, fostering a sense of pride and unity. The program will be a vibrant and inclusive celebration that appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. Through this program, we intend to create an immersive experience that highlights the traditions, arts, and values that have been passed down through generations.

Event Details

India International Centre (IIC)
Multipurpose Hall, New Delhi
Date: 07th October, 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 11 AM Onwards

Name Timing
Mega Cultural Event
7th October (Saturday) 2023
Signature Campaign
On Going
Street Play
On Going
Puppet Show - cultural and heritage
On Going
Slogan & Poster Making
On Going
Poem and Essay Competition ( In any language of India )
On Going
Photo and Video Competition
On Going
On Going

Celebrating Unity

Encouraging unity and appreciationof
different cultures, promoting harmony and respect among attendees.We believe that by organizing various activities, such as a signaturecampaign, puppet show, plantation, drawing, essay competition,
cultural program, and classical dance performance, we caneffectivelyachieve these goals.


To develop and implement strategies forthepreservation and conservation of tangible and intangiblecultural
heritage sites and artifacts throughout India. Encouragethepreservation and promotion of traditional art forms suchas music,dance, theatre, and crafts.

Education & Awareness

To raise awarenessaboutthe significance of India’s cultural heritage, its historical andsocial
value, and the need for its protection. This includes educatingthepublic about the importance of heritage sites, traditional art forms,and indigenous practices.

Community Engagement

To engage local communitiesliving in and around heritage sites by involving theminpreservationefforts, promoting sustainable tourism, and encouraging their activeparticipation in safeguarding their cultural heritage. Foster asenseofpride and appreciation for our cultural heritage.

Policy Advocacy

To advocate for the formulationandimplementation of policies and regulations that prioritizetheprotection of cultural heritage, including legal frameworks,funding mechanisms, and incentives for conservation.Provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talent.

Challenges for Our Heritage

Globalization & Cultural Homogenization

The increasing influenceofglobalization has led to the spread of dominant cultures, oftenovershadowing local traditions and customs. This canresultinthe loss of unique cultural identities and a declineinthetransmission of traditional practices and knowledge.

Urbanization & Modernization

Rapidurbanization and modernization often lead to the destructionor neglect of historic buildings, archaeological sites, andcultural
landscapes. The pressure to accommodate newdevelopmentscan threaten the preservation of tangible andintangibleheritage.

Climate Change & Natural Disasters

Climate change poses significant risks to cultural heritage,including rising sea levels, extreme weather events, andincreased vulnerability to natural disasters. These
environmental challenges can damage or destroyhistoricstructures, artifacts, and cultural sites.

Lack of Awareness & Appreciation

A lackof awareness and understanding about the valueandsignificance of heritage can undermine efforts toprotect andpromote it. Without public support and engagement, heritagepreservation initiatives may struggle to securefunding,resources, and community involvement.

Intergenerational Gap

The transmissionoftraditional knowledge and practices fromone generationtothenext can be disrupted due to changing lifestyles, migration, andthe influence of modern technology. This gap can leadtoalossof cultural continuity and a weakening of heritage preservationefforts.

Political & Social Conflicts

Political instability,armed conflicts, and social tensions can directly impact heritagesites, as they become targets of destruction, looting, or neglect.These conflicts disrupt the preservation and maintenanceofcultural heritage and hinder opportunities for cross-cultural
dialogue and understanding.